Friday, November 11, 2016

Review: Worth the Fight

Worth the Fight Worth the Fight by L.D. Davis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was super stoked when I saw that L.D. Davis’ Worth the Fight was finally available in audio form, Worth the Fight is the final audiobook in the Accidentally On Purpose trilogy, and the first audiobook AOP was released 3 ½ years ago. Worth the Fight is Luke Kessler’s story and would I highly suggest you listen the AOP before listening to this book

Luke’s story starts off with my favorite passage from AOP, when a desolate Luke confronts girlfriend Emmy Grayne over her affair with boss Kyle Sterling, it’s the most heartbreaking part of their story and hearing it told from Luke’s POV loses none of its intensity.

We learn what Luke’s been up to since the breakup and before Emmy comes to town and drops a bombshell on is life. This is an emotional listen as Luke and Emmy try to rebuild basic trust and then rebuild their relationship, but it’s not easy because even though a year has passed Luke is still very hurt and Emma has come back into Luke's life a completely broken woman, the harsh words Luke spoke to Emmy when they parted end up coming to fruition in the most painful of way. Realizing just how deeply wounded and depressed Emmy is, Luke comes to the realization that for both their sakes he must help to heal Emmy's heart.

I loved this story and it's a satisfying completion to the AOP series. Joe Arden narrates and he did an awesome job voicing the characters and I found his delivery completely engaging, this audiobook clocks in at almost 11 hours and it went by way too fast, I never wanted to put the story on pause, it’s that entertaining.

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