Monday, August 22, 2016

Dinosaur Four By Geoff Jones


Written By: Geoff Jones

Narrated By: Nick Podehl

Ah I love good romantic time travel story.


This ain’t it!

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This audiobook starts off with a bang and never lets up! Struggling Denver coffee shop owner, Lisa, hears this strange ticking noise, what the hell is that?? In short order she along with the nine other people in the coffee shop are sent back in time, how far back? You guessed it to prehistoric times. This novel has a diverse group of characters including William, the UPS driver and all around good guy.  Tim, who simply wanted to meet his girlfriend for a morning cup of joe. Patricia, the obnoxious, know it all  corporate big wig. Al, your smarmy Lothario who’s jonesing (no pun intended Geoff)  

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after our coffee shop owner, Lisa and will literally stop at nothing to get the girl. After all nothing says loving like being chased by a T-Rex with a really big teeth! And we can’t forget Helen, the feisty grandma who has a couple of handy dandy survival skills up her sleeve.

It’s clear as these time travelers look out beyond the coffee shop and see a vast tropical landscape, that they’re not in Kansas anymore, um... er... I mean Denver. Chaos soon follows as our beleaguered group tries to figure out what the hell happened. You have your prerequisite idiot who thinks they’re the dinosaur whisperer only to find out that, to a dinosaur, a human is like a big scary ugly spider and, well... we all knows what happens to them!

Be warned there are a lot of violent, gruesome deaths throughout this book, and dammit if only the annoying people got their comeuppance that would be fine with me, but why, oh why do the good have to die too? People that totally do not deserve the spectacularly hideous way they went out, that made me grumpy! I mean I totally blame Game of Thrones for starting this good guy gets the shaft crap, is no one safe anymore! OK I’ll step off my soap box now.  I guess you can tell I took some scenes very personally!

The suspense factor in this book is high, and I had to put this audiobook on pause a couple of times just to compose myself after some particularly nerve wrecking parts.

It’s no spoiler to tell you that only four make it back, ergo the name of this book. But the unique way they get there and back home is pure genius and I enjoyed every minute of this thrill seeking ride.

The narration by Nick Podehl is top notch and I’m hoping that more of Geoff’s books make it to audio format.

On the Elsie Meter Rating Scale I give this book 8 out of 10!

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Friday, August 19, 2016



By LD Davis
Narrated By Kate Udall

L.D. Davis hits it out the park with this companion book to the Accidentally On Purpose Series, you don’t necessarily need to read AOP to listen to this story, but I think you would get more perspective if you do.

The two main characters in this novel are Donya Stewart and Emmet Grayne, If you’ve haven’t read AOP Emmett is the brother of Emmy the main character in the AOP trilogy, and Donya is her best friend since childhood. If you have read AOP you’ll recall that Donya’s the one that wanted to go kick Kyle’s ass when she discovers that he abused Emmy! That’s Donya in a nutshell, she says what she means and means what she says, sometimes to her own detriment!

This audio-book is over 18 hours of pure enjoyment, it starts off when Donya is a mere child of five and Emmy befriends Donya at school, Donya and Emmy are polar opposites, Donya is poor, black, and an only child of indifferent parents, Emmy is middle class, white and comes from a large loving family.  

Oh, side note!

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This book is the correct way to write an multicultural romance! Race is noted as a natural part of the story but by no means drives the story, after all, the differences between race are mainly cultural. Noting something done within a culture is expected, rather than concentrating on the differences of skin color or race.

Donya’s home life is a misery, her mother suffers from depression and does the barest minimum to provide for Donya, her father is an in-consistence presence and always “working”.

Emmy’s family takes Donya under their wings and fully embrace her as part of their family, when Donya meets Emmy’s older brother Emmet there is an instant connection between the two, even at 5 years old! Donya is an old soul and wise beyond her years. Emmet feels this connection too, and as they grow up, he is the protector of both Emmy and Donya, the bond between them only grows stronger with time and tethers them together through thick and thin.

Emmet’s family looks upon Donya as another daughter or sister, but as adolescence comes into play, things change between Donya and Emmet, because of their age difference, Emmet hasn’t just been sitting on the sidelines waiting for Donya, he does what any red blooded American boy does, he dates and eventually has a serious girlfriend, Shelley. In the course of time Emmet breaks off his relationship with Shelley, and as Donya grows older they succumb to the attraction that’s always been there, but they do so in secret knowing that the family would be shocked that Emmet is dating his “sister”.

In the meantime Donya’s becoming quite a beauty and people are starting to take notice. Emmet’s parents see potential in Donya and offer to finance her bid to become a model, at first she is reluctant, but when they tell her that they've spoken with her mother and have her blessing, she grateful accepts their help.

Of course just as soon as things start heating up for our lovebirds, Emmet is heading off to college, these star crossed lover vow to not let distance separate them. One week before Emmet leaves for college, they attend a party and Emmet’s ex- girlfriend, Shelley, confides in Donya that she’s hopeful that while away at college they can rekindle their relationship and then delivers some devastating news about their past, Donya’s too young to handle the situation maturely and volatile way she confronts Emmet leads their bond to fracture in a serious way, Donya is sorry but unable to face Emmet and he leaves for college without saying goodbye and as Donya’s rising modeling career starts to takes control, they slip from each others life.

And so begins the near misses and lost chances that litter this book! This story is told over several years and the tether between these two that stretches to the breaking point but alway snaps back, even through a subsequent loveless marriage by Emmet and Donya’s marriage to a man who adamant about not having children. As Donya and Emmet struggle to find a way back to one another, heartache, bitter regrets and shattered dreams are in store for everyone concerned.

On the Elsie Meter Rating Scale Of 1 to 10,  I give Tethered an 8. The superb writing we are use to with LD Davis and a great job narrating by Kate Udall.


Saturday, August 13, 2016

Accidentally On Purpose

Accidentally On Purpose

Written by: LD Davis
Narrated by: Serena Daniels

You know what I really like about LD Davis' writing? That her stories never feel contrived, her characters are realistic and flawed, the things that happen to them, are situations that could happen you or someone you know!

The story centers around Emmy, who works at a law firm as a legal assistant, Emmy is winding down at a local watering hole after a long grueling work day, when her boss Kyle Sterling walks in, To Emmy’s chagrin he spots her and comes over to share a drink. Soon they’re both falling down drunk and rather than drink and drive, Emmy invites him to dry out at her apartment...Well one thing leads to another and Kyle and Emmy get down and dirty on Emmy's living room sofa.  

Now it’s always a bad idea to sleep with your boss and there are a few things you need to know about Kyle: 

He's Handsome a

he’s Wealthy a

he has a fiancee a big

Emmy goes into this Illicit affair with her eyes wide open, which proves what a hot mess she is. She knows it wrong, she just doesn’t care. Eventually Emmy comes to realize that there’s no future in their relationship, after Kyle makes it clear he has no intentions of leaving his fiancee. Emmy reluctantly breaks off the relationship.

Enter Luke Kessler another attorney at the law firm, he’s smitten with Emmy and they’ve had a couple of lunch dates in the past. But, now Emmy decides to give Luke a chance, being completely honest she tells Luke that she just broke off a relationship with a man that she knew was engaged to another woman. Though Luke is somewhat taken aback by this news, he sees Emmy through some serious rose colored glasses, overlooking her many character flaws.

As their relationship grows, Luke is everything you could want in a boyfriend, he’s faithful, honest and he loves Emmy to death. It’s just a shame that Emmy can’t reciprocate, because she’s still stupidly stuck on Kyle! And I'm sad to say, eventually Emmy continues her affair with Kyle, while still seeing Luke!

Of course Luke's no fool and eventually finds out about the affair, but rather than confront Emmy right away, he holds on to hope that Emmy will come to her senses, realize that Kyle’s no good and that he, not Kyle, is the only one that has truly been there for her. But Emmy never sees it and finally Luke has no choice but to confront Emmy.

The confrontation is so heartbreaking! Luke is so hurt and Emmy is completely oblivious, seemingly more concerned that people in the office knew about her affair with Kyle, than the fact that Luke knows. Emmy is such a narcissist! I mean at this point in the book you really hate Emmy! Luke tells Emmy that he’s leaving, that he has asked his family to cut off all contact with her at his request. His final words to Emmy?  “I hope Kyle Sterling rips your heart out of your chest and makes you choke on it!”

And that is exactly what happens to Emmy, she really does get her comeuppance!

I have to say it is the mark of a good writer, who can make you feel any kind of sympathy for Emmy, after the way that she treats Luke. 

Slowly and belatedly Emmy comes to realize that Kyle has many demons, in addition to being a philanderer, he is addicted to drugs and alcohol and while she eventually wises up and leaves Kyle, the emotional and physical abuse he deals Emmy, leaves her a broken woman physically and mentally.

There are many twist and turns in this story as Emmy traverses her road to redemption. Will Luke be there waiting at the crossroads? You do get your happily ever after, but they all go through the meat grinder before getting there!

I’m sure there will be some people who will hate this story, because it deals with cheating, drug abuse and domestic violence. But I found it thoroughly enjoyable, yeah I like the fluff, the Calgon take me away type stories, but I don’t mind stories dealing with dark subject matter either.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I give this book a 9 on the Elsie Meter Rating Scale. This story is well written and the narration by Serena Daniels is excellent!

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Hunger By Jeremiah Knight


Written By

Jeremiah Knight

Narrated by
Jeffrey Kafer

There are some stories that you remember long after reading or listening to them, Hunger is one of those books!  First I have to say I enjoyed the Narration by Jeffrey Kafer he really comes into his own when he reads post-apocalyptic or dystopian novels, his rich narration really brings the characters and the desolate settings to life!

He can make a mediocre book good and a good book great! But Hunger doesn’t need any help it’s a great book and having Jeffrey narrate? Well, it’s just a win win in my book! Sorry bad pun I know.

And why you may ask is this a great book? Well, because you could totally see something like this happening in real life! Oh, it all starts with good intentions, stop world hunger! A noble cause right? Wrong!

Dr. Ella Masse, a scientist, has inadvertently stumbles across a gene that allows crops, specifically corn in this instance, to grow in any type of environment! How? Well the root system of the genetically modified corn can dig down 10, 20 feet to find a water source and while this genetically modified corn is growing in a sterile controlled laboratory, it doesn’t take a scientist to know that nature cannot be contained, or the words of Ian Malcolm

Apparently man's stupidity hasn't lessened any since 1993, but I digress. Of course if roots can grow down, they can also grow out! And soon we are off to the races, with this aggressive food supply taking over the world.

At first all is good and world hunger is effectively eliminated, but the gene that Dr. Ella has created unlocks millions of years of evolution and quickly adapts to any changes in the environment. Unfortunately, these changes are absorbed by whatever eats this food! First it’s noticed in small animals, animals that used to be plant eaters become carnivorous.

Ella belatedly see the handwriting on the wall and has several bio-domes built in various locations across the US, where plants that have not been genetically modified are growing. But it’s all just a little too late, five years after her discovery, humans begin transforming first hungering for raw meat and eventually turning cannibalistic, since almost everyone is eating the genetically modified food, soon civilization as we know it ceases to exist.

Meanwhile back on the farm (literally) a former co-worker and paramour of Ella, Peter Crane is surviving the change with his teen age son as they try to keep a low profile from monsters and humans alike. Surviving by harvesting food from one of the bio-domes provided by Ella.

All's good until Ella shows up at the farmhouse looking a little bit worse for the wear and towing along her daughter. She asks Peter to help her make it to a laboratory on the other side of the country where she believes she can turn the tide on the demise of mankind.
Of course Peter is reluctant to help, after all he’s been doing just fine, why should he put his son's life in danger? But of course he’s living in a fool’s paradise, because there is no safe place and Ella drives this point home, when she tells him, she being tracked both by dangerous monsters and even more dangerous men, which of course will eventually lead to his very doorstep!

Deep down inside Peter knows this day has been coming and like any good doomsday prepper he’s made plans!

Will they make it??? This book is part of a series and ends with somewhat of a cliffhanger. The second book has been written but unfortunately the audiobook has not been released.

On the Elsie Meter Rating Scale I give this book an 8! And look forward to listening to more audiobooks from author Jeremiah Knight and narrator Jeffrey Kafer!

Warnings: This book has language, Extreme and Graphic Violence, but come on, what do you expect from a post-apocalyptic book?

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