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Accidentally On Purpose

Accidentally On Purpose

Written by: LD Davis
Narrated by: Serena Daniels

You know what I really like about LD Davis' writing? That her stories never feel contrived, her characters are realistic and flawed, the things that happen to them, are situations that could happen you or someone you know!

The story centers around Emmy, who works at a law firm as a legal assistant, Emmy is winding down at a local watering hole after a long grueling work day, when her boss Kyle Sterling walks in, To Emmy’s chagrin he spots her and comes over to share a drink. Soon they’re both falling down drunk and rather than drink and drive, Emmy invites him to dry out at her apartment...Well one thing leads to another and Kyle and Emmy get down and dirty on Emmy's living room sofa.  

Now it’s always a bad idea to sleep with your boss and there are a few things you need to know about Kyle: 

He's Handsome a

he’s Wealthy a

he has a fiancee a big

Emmy goes into this Illicit affair with her eyes wide open, which proves what a hot mess she is. She knows it wrong, she just doesn’t care. Eventually Emmy comes to realize that there’s no future in their relationship, after Kyle makes it clear he has no intentions of leaving his fiancee. Emmy reluctantly breaks off the relationship.

Enter Luke Kessler another attorney at the law firm, he’s smitten with Emmy and they’ve had a couple of lunch dates in the past. But, now Emmy decides to give Luke a chance, being completely honest she tells Luke that she just broke off a relationship with a man that she knew was engaged to another woman. Though Luke is somewhat taken aback by this news, he sees Emmy through some serious rose colored glasses, overlooking her many character flaws.

As their relationship grows, Luke is everything you could want in a boyfriend, he’s faithful, honest and he loves Emmy to death. It’s just a shame that Emmy can’t reciprocate, because she’s still stupidly stuck on Kyle! And I'm sad to say, eventually Emmy continues her affair with Kyle, while still seeing Luke!

Of course Luke's no fool and eventually finds out about the affair, but rather than confront Emmy right away, he holds on to hope that Emmy will come to her senses, realize that Kyle’s no good and that he, not Kyle, is the only one that has truly been there for her. But Emmy never sees it and finally Luke has no choice but to confront Emmy.

The confrontation is so heartbreaking! Luke is so hurt and Emmy is completely oblivious, seemingly more concerned that people in the office knew about her affair with Kyle, than the fact that Luke knows. Emmy is such a narcissist! I mean at this point in the book you really hate Emmy! Luke tells Emmy that he’s leaving, that he has asked his family to cut off all contact with her at his request. His final words to Emmy?  “I hope Kyle Sterling rips your heart out of your chest and makes you choke on it!”

And that is exactly what happens to Emmy, she really does get her comeuppance!

I have to say it is the mark of a good writer, who can make you feel any kind of sympathy for Emmy, after the way that she treats Luke. 

Slowly and belatedly Emmy comes to realize that Kyle has many demons, in addition to being a philanderer, he is addicted to drugs and alcohol and while she eventually wises up and leaves Kyle, the emotional and physical abuse he deals Emmy, leaves her a broken woman physically and mentally.

There are many twist and turns in this story as Emmy traverses her road to redemption. Will Luke be there waiting at the crossroads? You do get your happily ever after, but they all go through the meat grinder before getting there!

I’m sure there will be some people who will hate this story, because it deals with cheating, drug abuse and domestic violence. But I found it thoroughly enjoyable, yeah I like the fluff, the Calgon take me away type stories, but I don’t mind stories dealing with dark subject matter either.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I give this book a 9 on the Elsie Meter Rating Scale. This story is well written and the narration by Serena Daniels is excellent!

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