Thursday, August 11, 2016

Hunger By Jeremiah Knight


Written By

Jeremiah Knight

Narrated by
Jeffrey Kafer

There are some stories that you remember long after reading or listening to them, Hunger is one of those books!  First I have to say I enjoyed the Narration by Jeffrey Kafer he really comes into his own when he reads post-apocalyptic or dystopian novels, his rich narration really brings the characters and the desolate settings to life!

He can make a mediocre book good and a good book great! But Hunger doesn’t need any help it’s a great book and having Jeffrey narrate? Well, it’s just a win win in my book! Sorry bad pun I know.

And why you may ask is this a great book? Well, because you could totally see something like this happening in real life! Oh, it all starts with good intentions, stop world hunger! A noble cause right? Wrong!

Dr. Ella Masse, a scientist, has inadvertently stumbles across a gene that allows crops, specifically corn in this instance, to grow in any type of environment! How? Well the root system of the genetically modified corn can dig down 10, 20 feet to find a water source and while this genetically modified corn is growing in a sterile controlled laboratory, it doesn’t take a scientist to know that nature cannot be contained, or the words of Ian Malcolm

Apparently man's stupidity hasn't lessened any since 1993, but I digress. Of course if roots can grow down, they can also grow out! And soon we are off to the races, with this aggressive food supply taking over the world.

At first all is good and world hunger is effectively eliminated, but the gene that Dr. Ella has created unlocks millions of years of evolution and quickly adapts to any changes in the environment. Unfortunately, these changes are absorbed by whatever eats this food! First it’s noticed in small animals, animals that used to be plant eaters become carnivorous.

Ella belatedly see the handwriting on the wall and has several bio-domes built in various locations across the US, where plants that have not been genetically modified are growing. But it’s all just a little too late, five years after her discovery, humans begin transforming first hungering for raw meat and eventually turning cannibalistic, since almost everyone is eating the genetically modified food, soon civilization as we know it ceases to exist.

Meanwhile back on the farm (literally) a former co-worker and paramour of Ella, Peter Crane is surviving the change with his teen age son as they try to keep a low profile from monsters and humans alike. Surviving by harvesting food from one of the bio-domes provided by Ella.

All's good until Ella shows up at the farmhouse looking a little bit worse for the wear and towing along her daughter. She asks Peter to help her make it to a laboratory on the other side of the country where she believes she can turn the tide on the demise of mankind.
Of course Peter is reluctant to help, after all he’s been doing just fine, why should he put his son's life in danger? But of course he’s living in a fool’s paradise, because there is no safe place and Ella drives this point home, when she tells him, she being tracked both by dangerous monsters and even more dangerous men, which of course will eventually lead to his very doorstep!

Deep down inside Peter knows this day has been coming and like any good doomsday prepper he’s made plans!

Will they make it??? This book is part of a series and ends with somewhat of a cliffhanger. The second book has been written but unfortunately the audiobook has not been released.

On the Elsie Meter Rating Scale I give this book an 8! And look forward to listening to more audiobooks from author Jeremiah Knight and narrator Jeffrey Kafer!

Warnings: This book has language, Extreme and Graphic Violence, but come on, what do you expect from a post-apocalyptic book?

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You can buy the book Hunger here:

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