Sunday, October 30, 2016

Review: Initiation

Initiation Initiation by Rayna Noire
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This rating is for the Kindle version of this book! I had to sit on writing this review for a couple of days so I could formulate my thoughts on this book, the actual book is 4 stars, it’s a well-written story about Leah, a teenage girl who just so happens to be a witch. Leah has trouble embracing her Wiccan side, but when she’s thrust back in time, a time when witches were burned at the stake, her innate abilities save her in more ways than one. Sounds good, doesn’t it? What ruined the book for me was the narrator, she takes way too many pauses and I just found her delivery boring and I kept drifting off, I can’t imagine this audiobook keeping the attention of a young teen, not a good sign. Considering that I listened to a sample before requesting this audiobook, I had to go back and relisten to the sample, and yep it has the same problem, how did I overlook it? Purely because of the writing of Rayna Noire, the sample was so interesting I didn’t pay as much attention to the delivery by the narrator as I should have, but when you start listening long term the problem becomes glaringly obvious and I gave up on listening to it.

Luckily, Pagan Eyes is available on Kindle and I cared enough about finishing the story to buy and download the book and I highly recommend it, not only for teens but anyone who likes a good urban fantasy or paranormal book.

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