Friday, September 2, 2016

Plan Bea

Plan Bea
Written By: Hilary Grossman
Narrated By: Lisa Beacom

Plan to be amazed!
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First off I rarely give a story a 10 rating and I don't take giving one lightly! But, this book is fantastic! What does it take to get a 10? A unique story line, one the evokes deep feelings both negative and positive and this book delivers on all counts! I was expecting a romance, a love story. What I got was so much more! It is a love story of sorts, but not between a woman and man, but rather between a daughter and mother.
Annabel's mother Beatrice is a real piece of work! She a narcissist, she's a cold and indifferent mother and grandmother. Spending only 15 minutes a week touching base with her daughter over the past several years.

Their relationship is so fractured that Annabel even addresses her mother by her given name! I’ve met people like this in real life and from what I’ve witnessed, it all points to the child feeling a disconnect from the parent and in the case of this book it’s no different.
Quite unexpectedly Bea announces that she's getting married and she wants her daughter to help her plan the ultimate wedding! Somewhat reluctantly Annabel agrees to help.
This starts Annabel on a path of discovery, sometimes painfully, learning things about herself and her mother which completely upturn everything she thought she knew about their turbulent past. It’s an awakening of sorts, she learns things along the way that give her a new point of view on practically everyone in her life, her husband, her so called former best friend and her mother.
It’s a story that’s full of emotion, heartbreak and love and the twist at the end caught me completely off guard! I was asking myself what the hell is going on!

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This book is well written and the narration by Lisa Beacom was perfection!  and I highly recommend this audiobook. What a very pleasant surprise!
Plan Bea appears to be one of Hilary’s first novel written, If so I'm thoroughly impressed and I can’t wait to see what’s in store from her next!

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  1. Thank you so much for listening and reviewing Plan Bea! I am so excited and thrilled that "Bea" earned a rare 10 star rating!!!